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random that's not random(:
smiling is the greatest mask of all.
30th-Sep-2029 11:28 pm - hello.goodbye.
S (:
My words don't come out correctly most of the times i think it to be.
I'm very random. sometimes too irritatingly random, but i dont mean anything bad. at least i hope so. :D
Some entries are locked due to some random reasons which is why i decided to do this now, but to non-lj user friends, don't worry! you won't miss out much(: it's pretty much the same as my wretch(:
This is a very messed up journal. started out from stalking to now, random regular updating. So it's weird to be saying this now but please if you added me because of fandom(s), i don't mind but do let me know your existence(:
S (:
my last post was 2 years ago. a post of saying i'll be back was 2 years ago.

I've done so many things (ok, just a few).

I've took in two guinea pigs^^ a year ago.

I've bought a ukelulu which i have no idea how to tune it:P

I've just recently bought a really cute polariod camera in Japan.

I went backpacking/luggage-lugging Japan for 2 months.

I quitted my hell job of going 5 years. (im in another job alrd...)

why do i mention those? because of the low frequency of how much i post. just by going back 2-3 pages of this lj, ive come across a post which i was listing things i want. I got it and its pretty amazing. 3 years back then and now.

14th-Sep-2013 05:18 pm - 354; hello
S (:
today is saturday, it's noon over my side.

i have no plans for today while hanging around the house, wandering to the bedroom where sis has set up a tent for her gaming session and dropping subtle hints of going out and get guinea pigs (we had the cage set up alrd, i dont get it what she's waiting for.. the sky to rain guinea pigs?!).

It has been 6 months and a day since our hamster has gone to sleep. And seriously, i'm feeling the... itch? But obviously, i failed to comvince her, hence i'm here.

I'm on the house's desktop instead of my laptop and it has nothing in it so i'm so bored that i was actually reading my past entries. I wonder what happened? where is the me back then. and i ponder on why am i not updating like i used to be.

I'm trying to put myself together, to at least start doing something like this, it's something so simple so i shall be able to do it.

I'll do it. I will do it. I'll be back! :P
S (:
I've neglected this space. I didn't thought that it will come to the day when i typed 'n' in my browser bar and my lj link doesn't pop out. It happened and i felt so quilty, like i failed myself which i most probably did. So the only way i know to redeem myself haha, is post this. This is like that only thing i have left to do for this space.....

This year is yet another trip to Japan^^ this time round, i hang out less in Tokyo and made tons of day trips out of Tokyo and i'm glad i took this huge step because i really hate figuring out how their shinkansen works but really glad i did it. So this post will be just be a brief summary with some photos. for myself:) since i think i've been dead so long, everyone is gone alrd:(

one word to summarise the trip? FLOWERS.
I missed the sakura season in tokyo but i still managed to catch alot of flowers and sakura in other places:)

I've always wanted to go this place, it's in Chichibu at saitama. And i'm glad i made it for the season though i was abit early. And pretty proud to be able to find this place that's more well known to locals than tourists(i think).
hehe even managed to find my nyanko-sensei and brought it along

Matsumoto! I actually went nagano and stopped by matsumoto to of course, our matsujun's matsumoto castle.^^
I read it online that so many people said that it's a must to drop by Matsumoto even if it's just at the train station because it's a 'recommendation' to listen to the train operator announce the train station. Matsumotoooooouu. HAHAHA she really dragged the word, and my face instantly lifted with a smile
I went back to nikko, the 2nd time and blessed with good weathers

I went to Kawaguchiko. to see mt fuji and was greeted with a surprise. SAKURA. other than nagano/matsumoto, i'm really so happy to see sakura here too. blessed much.

CHIBA. to the red bridge in Kisarazu^^

Itou, always wanted to see the pacific ocean.

alot of things in my bucket list got checked off:) not that i really had a bucket list. But this trip was really a well fulfilled one and just made me fall in love with Japan even more.
14th-Mar-2013 12:40 am - 334; Goodnight.
S (:
When i first got you, you were only said to be 3 weeks old. It was on the 28 August 2010.
I got you impulsively, because i couldn't get over how careless i was over the one before you that she managed to 'escape' into the outside world of cats. But as time goes on, you are you. not a replacement. It was fun, learning to take care of a baby hamster. You were so timid that we called you Bibi (japanese sound of saying someone a timid). Though i wish at times i could have given you a stronger name.
As you grow older, you get wiser and cleverer and you jump onto all the chances you get when i forget to close the cage. You've brushed past all the death, even surviving a misstep from mum's foot. You were the first hamster i ever brought to a vet. It was just a pulled muscle and i wondered how you got it. For a small rodent, you brought laughter. That even when i close the box to where you sleep now, we had a laugh because the box so coincidentally was named BB though actually it's just this cosmetics box i had.
It was really an awesome 3 years. Short but fulfilled. this past few months have been hard on your old fragile body. I'm sorry if i had handled you roughly. I'm glad you're finally having the sleep you needed. Goodnight, bi.

2010 - 13.03.2013.